BONUS BOOK: Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass

“It’s a strange thing to discover how much you matter to people you didn’t really know you mattered to. Or to find that the slow disintegration of yourself causes a smaller version to happen in other people.”

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Dystopian

Book Jacket Synopsis: “Before Amberly came to the palace… She was a Four in love with a One. Before Maxon met the girl of his dreams… He was the boy of someone else’s. Before Aspen opened his heart to someone new… He was determined to fight for his first love. And before Marlee could fall for a prince… She was swept off her feet by a guard.”

“True love is usually the most inconvenient kind.”

Review: I like a good novella as much as the next person. For example, I loved Barbara Kingsolver’s book Homeland and Other Stories. Made up of a dozen largely unrelated stories, I think Kingsolver’s book shows novellas at their finest. However, I’ve come to realize something about my literary tastes after reading Happily Ever After; I don’t like novellas if they act as a companion to much bigger novels or series. Sure, it’s nice to be given a window into the minds of supporting characters, such as Celeste, Lucy, and Queen Amberly. But throughout much of the book, I consistently felt myself wanting more. I feel like Cass stretched herself too thin in this collection of stories. By cramming short stories on six different characters into one book, Cass fails to do justice to the story line of any single character. I thought this book might complement the Selection series, but instead I feel like it detracts from it. I believe this sentiment largely stems from the fact that, as I said at the start of this review, I don’t like novellas that accompany larger series or novels.




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