Draw Me a Star by Eric Carle

“Draw me a star,” said the moon.

Genre: Picture Book, Fiction

Book Jacket Synopsis: “With his brilliant collage, poignant and powerful in its simplicity, Eric Carle creates an unforgettable story that celebrates imagination and the artist in us all.”

Review: Draw Me a Star is another great Carle book (think: The Very Hungry Caterpillar). The story follows a young artist through life, beginning and ending with his drawing of a star. While I certainly appreciated  Carle’s wonderful illustrations, I felt that Draw Me a Star didn’t actually tell a story as much as other Carle books do. However, I made the mistake of reviewing a children’s book without my nieces inputs, which has made it hard to figure out how this book should actually be rated! In the future, I’m going to save all picture books for when I’m with them.

Reason for Ban/Challenge: Draw Me a Star has been banned and challenged primarily  due to one of the illustrations, which shows a naked man and woman.


Some parents also have expressed concerns over the biblical undertones. Interestingly, readers seem to be fairly divided on whether or not there are biblical undertones in this book, but I certainly picked up on a “creation story” undercurrent. All in all, Draw Me a Star is an art book, and I don’t think the nude man and woman will stand out to young children anymore than the other images will.




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