BONUS BOOK: Dear Data by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec

“Dear Data – Week 07: A week of complaints and general grumpiness.”

Genre: Nonfiction

Book Jacket Synopsis: “Every week for a year, designers Giorgia and Stefanie sent each other postcards capturing information describing something different about the details of their daily lives, from their digital activities to their emotions. Things like: How often did you check the time this week? Make a list? Apologize? What music did you listen to? Where did you go? But they didn’t write it – they drew it. Containing each correspondent’s fifty-two cards, along with thoughts and ideas for drawing with data, Dear Data shows how information design can be an artistic expression and inspires us to capture hidden patterns and find creativity and beauty in even the smallest details of our lives.”

Review: I first picked up Dear Data at the library after being drawn to the cover (I read the “Giorgia version,” the left cover in the picture above). I had never heard of the Dear Data project before and thought the overall premise of the project and book sounded interesting. In a similar vein, I had never really thought about information design prior to reading this book, and think that Dear Data is an excellent primer to very a interesting field. Overall, I preferred Giorgia’s designs to Stefanie’s, but found that it was much easier to quickly read and understand Stefanie’s cards.


I had to read Dear Data in spurts because it quickly became tedious to decipher the different drawings each week. Overall, I think that the content of Dear Data was better suited for the original digital installment form (where Stefanie and Giorgia uploaded their cards each week to the Dear Data website) than the print form, but it was nice to read a unique and graphical book for a change.





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